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Holz Tim Pellets - Quality A2

Composition: 90% Beech Wood, 10% Softwood (spruce, fir)
Calorific value: 18,520 KJ/Kg
Packaging: 15 kg bag, 1050 kg pallet, Jumbo pack 1000 kg
Ash residue: ≤ 0.9%
Certificates: FSC, EN Plus, Jugoinspekt

FSC Sertifikat
ENplus sertifikat
Product description:

The composition of the pellets is carefully balanced to provide optimal efficiency and durability during combustion.

The pellets consist of 90% beech wood, which provides a stable source of heat and high calorific value, while the remaining 10% is softwood (spruce, fir).

Advantages of pellet heating:

Pellets are a highly concentrated energy source with low moisture content and high calorific value. This means they provide a higher number of useful heat units per kilogram compared to other traditional fuels such as coal, heating oil, or firewood. The high energy efficiency of pellets allows for more efficient room heating and energy utilization of up to 98%, resulting in lower heat loss and reduced energy waste.

Pellets are a renewable energy source with minimal negative impact on the environment. They burn efficiently and produce almost no emissions of harmful gases, such as sulfur dioxide or nitrogen oxides, significantly contributing to air pollution reduction and mitigating climate change.

Production process:
The pellet production process involves several steps, from forest harvesting to packaging the final product. Here’s how the process looks like:

The first phase is forest harvesting, which is carried out in strict compliance with legal regulations and in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

After that, the timber is transported to our production facility.

In the second phase, the wood is ground to obtain small particles suitable for further processing.

Next comes the drying process, where the raw material is dried to the appropriate moisture content to be ready for pelletizing.

Pelletizing is a crucial stage in the production process, where the dry wood particles are subjected to high pressure, causing them to naturally bind together and form pellets.

After pelletizing, the pellets are packed into bags or jumbo bags according to customer requirements.

We perform all stages of production within our internal capacities, allowing us to have complete control over the process and ensuring that our customers receive only the best product. Additionally, our production approach enables us to produce pellets that meet the highest quality standards in accordance with the requirements of the European Union.

Where to buy our pellets?

The quality of our products is recognized throughout Serbia and Europe.
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